My First iPhone Game
Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 12:43PM
Bojacob in Gaming, Geekness, Trex, game, iPhone

First of all, damn it's been almost 10 months since my last post?  Ok that's out of the way!

Back in April, a certain someone gave me a dose of motivation.  I must say he was pretty good at it.  He convinced me to do an iPhone version of my Flash based Trex game.  I was pretty reluctant due to the steep learning curve of Objective C, and there's no worse demotivator than not knowing what the hell you're doing.  Somehow, he still succeeded in convincing me.  He could probably convince a lion to drink tea with him.

Anyhow, three months later, here it is!  It really took some brain bending to get it all working correctly.  It's also pretty damn tough doing this entirely on your own, as it's really easy to give up when you hit a roadblock.  Still pulled it off somehow, thanks to that certain someone, the Internet, mom's cooking, and the Internet.

I've used cocos2d for the game framework.  It wasn't easy paired with the steep curve of Objective C, but I can't imagine how horrible it would be without cocos2d.  If you're planning on doing iPhone games, don't write everything from scratch.  Believe me, it'll suck.  Use an established game framework that'll make life 25x easier for you.

If you're playing, enjoy!  I have many improvements planned for future updates.  I'm especially interested in Apple's Gamecenter (which is what stopped me from implementing OpenFeint).  Hopefully that'll come sooner rather than later.  If you see any bugs or have feature requests, sound off please!

Here's to hoping we see more Kuwaiti developers out there.

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